Saturday, March 09, 2013


follow me there!!(:

Y10:18 PM

Monday, November 23, 2009

can i say how much i hate my hair?
ive been saying that for the past 5 months from the moment i saw it in the mirror of the salon after i permed it
it's HORRID.
it's not just my damaged hair, it's the whole look of it!!
well lesson learnt: i should stick to my rebonded hair since i look best in it
never again will i be possessed and decide to perm it
it's like shit and i concluded my hair's probably dropping cos i tie it up so much and since it's long it tugs at my hair roots and make them loose and eventually they fall out

and in case you're wondering why i havent done anything about it,
well partly i cant cos my hair's so damaged by perming and colouring if i go rebond it now, i probably lose my hair and have to wear a wig,so i gotta wait till like goodness knows when ohmy save me
and partly cos i dont want my mum nagging about how i waste money just cos someone paid for my perming and i dont feel the pinch of spending such money of my hair
and partly cos my uncle whom i hardly see and who paid for my perm is gonna see me during cny and he prob go like 'what happened to that perm' and since it would only be half a year ago it's not gonna be pleasant

my birthday wish is to go rebond my hair at that far east place and get my super soft nice pretty hair backk:((

make my wish come trueee and i'll love you

back to dengue fever
slap my face if i tell you im still on viruses tmr;

Y9:52 PM

it's been 3 months.
okay i swear swear i will make an effort to blog more often.
cos actually i do have alot of stuff to say..

life's been so full of drama mediacorp can do some serial drama of it
but things have toned down recently, and im really thankful.
i've probably cried more the past two years than i've ever did my whole life
it's time for this emo-ness to stop.

sch's good.
im focusing, able to study though the laziness in me is still not cured and probably will never be
still procrastinating
still dancing
still swimming weekly at least
still learning the drums
and oh sth new i joined gymnastics
yay yay im back to my beloved trampoline(:

anw i did weights today
for the like um, first time in my life
bro thought i was nuts
i want toned arms and legs!
gym is a good start though(:
as in gymnastics

i realise im afraid to lose people
im scared of getting attached because i fear that one day, his love for me will fade and even though then, i still love him, it's pointless cos we would have to break up cos one-sided relationships never work
i should stop this paranoia

and my deep down fear of how no guy would ever like or date me if i broke up with aloy turned out to be unfounded, or at least, semi-unfounded
to think i used to cry over it
hey you would have, if you thought you would have to be single and alone your whole life, it's pretty depressing really

okay it's time to studyy(:

Y12:03 AM

Sunday, August 23, 2009

it's been one month.
too many things have happened.
i think i need a break.

it's my 5th drum lesson and im starting to get the hang of it
when i get nervous, i start to screw up.

redang was awesome.
i got sunburnt lobster red in just one day.
we clubbed,we drank.
snorkelling is saltwater choking sometimes.
we looked forward to all our mealtimes-the food is that good.
i love the fine soft sand and the blue blue sea
i just wanna stay in that paradise forever.

rag dance everyday from 3rd aug till 8 aug
9am-8pm everyday.
no time to sleep, no time for my friends.
i regretted joining rag at some points in time,
i felt like i was wasting my holidays,
being the slacker i am

and then i met you.

'pain, like everything else, is the present. It is constantly changing and will come and go. It is important to experience painful situations because you can learn from them, and it is better to stay fully in the present and feel the pain than to try to distract yourself with something else. '

'It is always hard to let go of the past. Even when we think that we have let go, subconsciously we are still clinging on stubbornly, refusing to let things go. Let me tell you that it is only hard to let go if you have not learnt from the past. As soon you learn and let go, you improve the present. '

these 2 quotes have never meant so much to me.

Y8:38 PM

Friday, July 10, 2009

medicamp's over!:(
i feel like crying.

anw 29th june-1july
trial camp!
which was ultimately fun cos we merged with another OG!
new friends!
i'd give anything to relive trial camp seriously

had sakae sushi with grandpa on both 2/3july

3rd july
performance is in less than TEN DAYS

4th july
precamp tea - new juniors!! for ONCE, my saturday morning starts at 8AM
JAZZTTITUDE rehearsal for performance as7 2pm - 4pm
home, barely got to bathe
dinner with my very-long-havent-see yi po!
and wen xin my childhood friend
dearest i just love talking to you! everything and anything! 
i cant believe our kite-flying, cycling, walk in longkang days were TEN plus years ago!

5th july
hun i heart you deep deep!<3
the laughter, the girl talk, the clothes/shoes shopping, never failing to stop by SaSa everytime, the hair appointments!
cant wait to see you this wed at AMK for our girl pamper session(:

registered for DRUM LESSONS
like finally.
i start lessons on 19th!

6th july to 9th july
new friends - both M2s and M1s
deepened friendships
my histo buddy bullies me!
i dont know where or how to start describing everything that happened.
cos each day of activities would take like 500words minimum seriously.
in short and sweet, the memories i'll never forget:

6th july
various OG m2s swimming together at the pool at 8plus pm the first night, including me and hanx lol.
amazing race - sometimes cheating isn't hard really(:
the most number of BURGERS i've ever bought in my WHOLE LIFE.
barefoot street soccer with guys and girls and only girls can score

7th july
7+ am wakeup
mass breakfast
STATION GAMES (12 stations)
we won everyting but 2
got dunked like twice or thrice involuntarily at just ONE GAME
smeared by minty shaving cream everywhere
wheelbarrow banana (i played)
disgusting twister
the balloon on wrists thing that we FINALLY WON (our og lost during medicamp 08 and trial camp 09) (i love this game-YAY that i got to play heee)
the pail and sock game
pampers on your head!
guy-girl obstacle
soak the pillows and squeezeee (and cheat alot)

war games in the afternoon

fright night preparation
bonding through decorating the place
dinner, makeup, costumes, trial run
was till like 530am, i was in the first shift, thankfully.
laughed at some people's reactions when they get scared (i swear it's hilarious!)

8th july
woke up at SIX PLUS AM omg
havent since like jc days
cabbed to AIRPORT terminal 2 to pick up aloy
he was kinda dao-ish but listened patiently as i rattled on abt medicamp, realised i cant talk abt what happened for 2hours straight if i wanted to and still wont finish lol
went to his house where his dad's gf and his dad's gf's mum was in
watched him unpack his stuff
met DAIDALOS at hong lim food centre at CHINATOWN
walked from chinatown to raffles place to city hall to dhoby
SETTLER'S CAFE - mindgames
a billion laughs and counting!!
i really suck at such first hand lol.
sometimes i think im retarded really lol

mental sums - that guy is some maths genius luh wth
dont forget the lyrics!
AUCTION -  we got an awesomely prettttyy soccer ball that we all signed on and 60 dollars timezone card (which seemed alot at tt point in time, till we OVERSPENT at timezone at vivo today -.- ) 
rode in a LORRY for the FIRST TIME -derrick drove hanx and i to get food from fong seng
talked to siva and hanx and jia an etc
was eating sara lee chocolate pound cake with ron and a few M2s.
took a walk with hanx to SRC to find the guys but met them along the way
OG CIRCLE TALK - where we all gathered in the LT in a circle sitting on our sleeping bags and just talking and laughing till 330am
didnt sleep at all.HELP.
151 to grandma's to nap and bathe at 8plus
met an m1 and we intro-ed and chatted all the way from NUS to my stop
met the OG at 11plus at VIVO
sat in a circle outside food republic
some bunch of guys presumably on orientation asked me to take a photo with them (prob some amazing race thing or sth) weird la
where we spent like 100bucks at least lol 

fixed my broken nail:)
i loveee my toenail colour now haha

omg way too long blogpost.
time to stop.

CIP at marina barage on saturday
grandpa's 80th bday dinner on sat night
24th triennial intervarsity games performance on sunday (i think)


Y12:01 AM

Sunday, June 28, 2009

blue basil is at 56 cairnhill road.
aloy and i walked from newton mrt in search of this 'hidden find'(tt's what hungrygowhere calls it)
we passed 53,55,57 cairnhill road but 56 was not in sight.
we walked down towards mount elizabeth link road and in desperation, he consults his GPS.
who the hell uses GPS while walking in spore?!!(besides tourists)
still clueless.
samantha sees a restaurant that says '' and highly resembles pictures of bluebasil she saw on the website.but it's obstructed by a truck parked right smack in front of it.
aloy walks up a bit further and tries to see the name of it-cant see.
i give up on the gps, my heels were killing me, the hot was blazing and i was wearing black.
i hail a cab.
56 cairnhill road please,uncle,thanks
he barely drives 10m and we reach-it was the '' place!!
we laugh like crazy over our stupidity.

lunch was lovely.
totally quiet and peaceful.
service was good(:
walked to paragon and orchard etc
didnt have much to buy:/
bought plasters though,to nurse my poor feet.
looked around.
didnt feel like buying anything.

today was good(:

Y10:50 PM

Friday, June 26, 2009

im blogging cos.
my sis is a loyal reader and there's nth new for her to read.

filming at sentosa for medicamp video
9am at harbourfront mrt
omg first time im up before 11am
but it's nice to take the train at EIGHT am in the morning with all the office people
was filming at sentosa the whole day till like 4+ where we went over to ben's friend's house for the longtableweallproposeatoast scene(:
his friend had a lovely but kinda ulu house along old holland road
thanks daddyy for the lift home(:

headed to mang's house in the morn!
woodlands to ecp area = FARRR AWAYY
lunch at old airport road - no fair,i wanna live in the east tooo!
took a short bus ride to suntec to play arcade
walk walk look look see see suntec before heading back to roxy square
sonata dancewear has an outlet there-im amazed
dancewear is VERY EXPENSIVE
jazz pants was $45.50 and my foot undeez was $39.60.
didnt expect it to cost sooo much :/
and now im broke.
bought aloy sth too(: *yayy* hope he likes it!
i wanna move into his condo
looking at the pool from his balcony makes me feel like im at a beach resort
pizza hut delivery for dinner(:
197 is a HORRIBLE bus to take
crazily long journey omg.
never ever ever again.
okay maybe not the chaines,where i cant spot properly still.
now i know why i get cellulite on my thighs-not been dancing for too long.
technique class was 730-9pm

went to val's house to teach her dance!
haha dance really makes you sweat ALOT.
buffet at nihon mura, tampines sports complex
simultaneously,my og was watching i love you,man at ps 
:( that i cldnt make it.
jane msged to ask if aloy n i wanna watch transformers w her and laurel
but dad booked tickets for us on friday 10pm, after my dance.
shopped with val at tampines 1
bought clothes again
somebody stop me please
hey but i thought HARDD and LONGGG before spending lor haha
168 has this makeyoufeellikesleeping feeling.seriously.
maybe cos it's expressway all the way

filming again at sentosa!
was there almost the whole afternoon..
haha quite fun
tourists were actually watching and some used their digital cams to video us too lol
was supposed to meet daddy at raffles to get a lift home so i can avoid rush hour traffic but got back to harbourfront at 6plus
thankfully daddyy picked me up from sentosa(:

supposed to have cheerleading stunt prac from 2-6pm but it got postponed to next thurs and fri morning
dance later from 6-8pm
TRANSFORMERS -im watching at 10pm later(:

supposed to have my grandpa's bday dinner
but it's postponed to 11th july
(thankfully jazzttitude performance is shifted to 12th july!)

there's revenge of the titans flea tmr at mount sophia
um dont think im going
no shopping.gotta stop shopping.

nxt mon and tues- medicamp trial camp (nt sure if im going)
wed - meet rachael chang!
thurs and fri -probably dance and cheerleading stunt prac
another busy wk :/

Y2:06 PM

Monday, June 01, 2009

butter fac photos!!


events from feb till may

Y5:56 PM

sorry for MIAing.
my life is a horrid tangled web of complications full of drama everyday to make it worse.
that pretty much sums everything up.
PROs dunno,worrying for paper 2 like hell but think the rest were pretty alright.
i'm satisfied,but my parents aren't.
my singlehood love life?screwed up.
i miss school.
i was happy like every single moment,every single day when there was still school.
it's not that i'm not thankful for the holidays which everyone has been looking forward to
it's just that i think i don't make full use of my holiday time as compared to my school time.
because in hols,i get stuck at my grandma's house(every hols) for at least a few days to a week and there is NOTHING to do here-boredom redefined.
right, i'm here now-.-

i wonder if anyone still does read my been-dead-for-so-long blog
but if you do, here's a brief update:
studying for PROs since idunnowhen be it at yong siew toh library or science library
hanging out with my OG, movies, food..i still love 17 again
flea markets!
blog shopping!
jazz com stuff!
dinner and dance stuff
clubbing! rebel, lunar, butter factory, zouk
catching up with friends
spending time with my dearest sis val<3
hushedlush dates at chijmes lei garden, canele..

holidays started 16days ago.
calendar's been packed for may
more peaceful now.
or maybe cos im at my grandma's house where there is absolutely NOTHING to do
okay i shld stop harping on that haha

and now,i think it's time to go out
butter fac photos
MUNUS photos
random photos
all on FACEBOOK(:

i'll be in guangzhou sooon!!
can't wait:D
i promise you PHOTOS
many many photos!
till then


Y4:03 PM

♥ sam
through the trees
i will find you
i will heal the ruins left inside you;

♥ her
samantha.nus med class of 2013!hwachong apollo.shopaholic.danceaddicted.
currently having horrible hair.loves you.

♥ wants
my straight hair back!
money!a job!

♥ if you love me,tell me now

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